Welsh culture is very interesting that even if you are not in Europe, you’ll be able to retain the culture in you.  Welsh culture are very rich, that is why it is being preserved by Welsh in different countries through forming the Welsh Society.  In Dubai, there is also a Dubai Welsh Society that aims to connect the real culture of Welsh in Dubai.

Wales is a country in Western Europe that has distinctive culture including their own language, customs, holidays, traditions, an even music.  People in Wales are called Welsh which originally has their own language and cultural heritage.  As the years go by, some of the Welsh have migrated to other parts of the world.  In order to preserve its culture as well as to connect the link between the Welsh culture and the new culture adapted by young people, Welsh Societies were organized in different countries.

In Dubai, there are hundreds of members of Dubai Welsh Society.  They have their own leaders who guide members in their rules and policies as a group.  They also instill to the members the rich culture of Welsh so that these practice, customs and traditions will be passed on to the next generation of Welsh.  The society sees to it that even if they are in Dubai, the rich Welsh culture will be recognized and be preserved.

In some countries, such societies were also formed with the same goal of preserving the rich culture of Welsh in the country where they are staying.  This could mean that even if they are from Wales, the blood of being a real Welsh will always be valued.  It’s something that a real Welsh could be proud of.