Basic Facts about Dubai Welsh Society:

There are different groups and organizations which are classified according to purpose.  There are groups that involves sports activities, charity, religion, as well as race, tribal affiliation, or nationality.  The Dubai Welsh Society is one of the social groups whose members are Welsh who migrated in Dubai.  Welsh nationalities are from Wales, a small country in Europe.  The following are interesting facts about Dubai Welsh Society.


  • Dubai Welsh Society hopes to link the culture of Wales to Welsh people who are now living in Dubai. Being a member of this group, you’ll be able to help preserve the culture and pass them to young generation.
  • Every year, there is a formal gathering conducted to discuss the organization’s development of plans in line to their goals and objectives.
  • Welsh society is also present in other countries where there are large number of Welsh immigrants. They are present in Canada and few States in United States.
  • Dubai Welsh Society is considered to be one of the elite organizations. Members are also considered elites in Dubai.  Welsh people who have huge lines of businesses and investors in Dubai.
  • The Dubai Welsh Society was founded in 1997 and does not only facilitates the connection of migrants but also Welsh people who just only visiting the country.
  • Their regular meeting is held every 2nd Monday of the Month at Dubai offshore Sailing Club, one of the elite clubs in Dubai.
  • In 2015, there was a Dubai Welsh Society grand ball conducted which was participated by members of the organization as well as invited guests.