Premiums And Drink Driving Insurance


There are many types of insurances that are currently offered in the market. There are those which are for general liabilities and those for properties. There are those that cover accidents and some that are for natural disasters. There are also insurance policies that are more specific due to some factors.

Insurance for Everyone

In most cases, these insurance policies are for everyone. It is very upfront with the provisions for those items covered and those which may be considered as exclusions. There are instances though when there are those are usually excluded but the client would like it to be part of the package. In some instances, there are also those that may entail higher risk factor but still would like to have it covered as well.  An example of this is the drink driving insurance that are for those who have had records of drinking under influence. The risk is already higher because of the previous record of drunk driving. Taking out a regular insurance policy is usually not possible in this case but one that has premiums can be done. If you are more curious about drink driver insurance then you can learn more about it on

What happens then if the client has a previous record? In this instance, there are some things that have to be one. The first thing is to look for an insurance company that offers the services for those who have been apprehended for drunk driving. Once done, there should be full disclosure about it. That means informing the insurance company about the charges, the penalty and the likes. This information will be one of the bases for the insurance company to determine the premiums to be paid. It has to be remembered that the more apprehensions one had in the past would mean higher premiums. It is usually the records for the past five years that will be disclosed and not earlier than that.